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President's Message

TIMR research is classified into three forms: independent joint research projects, commissioned research projects, and independent studies.

Independent joint research projects are TIMR's own urban research (conducted on an annual basis since 1972). Themes are selected from current issues faced by municipal governments to help them implementing their policies using adequate research techniques. The results are published in TIMR publications including Toshi Chosa Hokoku (Urban Research Report).

Commissioned research projects include basic research and survey commissioned from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and various organizations related to urban problems and local governance.

TIMR research staff conduct independent studies on urban problems and local governance. The results of these studies are published in TIMR's publications, including TIMR monthly journal THE TOSHI MONDAI (Municipal Problems), Toshi Mondai Kenkyu Sosho (Municipal Problems Study Series) and Toshi Mondai Booklet (Booklet on Municipal Problems.)

Open Lectures on Municipal Problems is a new research program that began in FY2002. This program consists of lectures by authors and other experts on topics chosen from feature articles published in THE TOSHI MONDAI, with open discussion to deepen understanding of the topic.