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TIMR was established to study the urban policies of Tokyo and other cities (both in Japan and overseas) to achieve the following three major goals:
--Improve urban governance;
--Improve living conditions; and
--Seek better solutions to urban problems.
TIMR has worked with governments and public and private research institutes in both comparative and collaborative studies.

Shinpei Goto, at the first Board of Councilors meeting after the establishment of TIMR said, "Create the basis for municipal governance by conducting more thorough research to supplement studies conducted by municipal offices. Gather information and materials on municipal governance from citizens and supply them to citizens, to foster self-governance." "TIMR will be conducting a variety of research in various fields," he mentioned, referring to the direction of research activities: "But they are conducted not for academic purposes but for the actual governance of cities."

Today, our challenges are to empower local governments in the midst of decentralization, and to seek solutions to increasing urban problems. TIMR is committed to respond to these challenges by conducting relevant and effective studies to help governments increase their capacity for good governance.